Flowers Vending Machine for to sell flowers on bouquet.
The distributors are equipped with a cooling system to maintain and keep the flowers longer included. The exposure of the flowers is emphasized using a rotary magazine and excellent lighting to enhance the color of the petals.
Flowers Bouquet
MYFLOWERS is the line of vending machines for the sale of fresh flower bouquet. The distributors may contain variable amounts according to the size of the bouquet.
The software installed on vending machine allows the user to interface with the machine. The software is designed to facilitate the purchase of products through the list to find images of the products or by directly entering the number of the product.
Gallery & Movies
All photos and video vending machines.
Monitor & Touch 22"
The monitor 22 "with TOUCHSCREEN facilitates the purchase of products through posts, pictures and videos. Could be used to promote products and for advertising purposes.
Temperature control
The temperature control is introduced to preserve the characteristics of the products second current regulations.
Automatic gates
System of opening and closure of the door with security control in the case of impediments in the closure.